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PD LIGHTER P3636 (059.665) NAVY BLUE


Porsche Design lighters represent the ultimate in quality. All models come with a tank made of exceptionally safe Trogamid? and have a height-adjustable flame. Simply depressing the top right side ignites a single jet flame. The torch produced is a strong blue flame and is wind resistant as well. Once the thumb action pusher is depressed, the lid opens up and is ready for toasting. The Trogamid high tech tank and piezo ignition combine to create a powerful micro-torch flame with patented circular flame jet opening with 30 micro fine perforations. The PD6 has a special quartz mechanism to control the piezo ignition system for a near perfect flame every time. T he jet flame will stand up on the windiest of days, Perfect smoke every time. They are guaranteed to make a stylish impression anytime. Light up your lifestyle with a flame for the future.

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