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Nutrition declaration
per 100g
Energy 1656 kJ / 390 kcal
Fat < 0.5g
of which saturates < 0.1g
Carbohydrate 95g
of which sugars 76g
Protein < 0.5g
Salt < 0.01g

Vitamins per 100g NRV*
Vitamin E 45mg 375%
Vitamin C 280mg 350%
Thiamin 5mg 455%
Riboflavin 6mg 429%
Niacin 67mg 419%
Vitamin B6 6.5mg 464%
Folic acid 600?g 300%
Vitamin B12 5?g 200%
Biotin 300?g 600%
Pantothenic acid 22mg 367%
NRV*: Daily reference intakes for vitamins (adults).

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Filled multivitamin sweets with the irresistible flavours of freshly picked oranges and lemons. Filled with real fruit juice, dusted with icing sugar and sealed in a premium gold tin for the highest quality freshness.